Electric Skateboard Wheels

An electric skateboard is a customized transporter that is based on the old traditional skateboard. There are so many skateboards that are categorized as electric majorly because of their wheels. Now, with so many skateboards out there, finding the right electric skateboard wheels can be a problem, and that is why you must put the following into considerations before purchasing the wheels:

  • Performance

You should consider the performance of your electric skateboard. Is it performing up to your expectations? The performance of your skateboard will determine the different gearing ratios and the voltage of energy required. If the skateboard has high performance, then you don’t need to waste your money purchasing very complicated wheels. However, if the skateboard is already having troubles climbing hills or slopes, then there is a problem. You have to look for great wheels that not only carry your weight but also improve the performance of the skateboard. A wheel like that is likely to cost you a fortune, but in the long run, it will be worth it. You may also decide not to purchase the wheels in the stores but rather visit the manufacturer and explain in details your performance issues so that a customized wheel is made specifically for your skateboard to make sure the wheel meets your needs and the quality is as expected.

  • The Function of your Skateboard

Before purchasing a wheel for your electric skateboard, it is essential to figure out what is the use of your skateboard in the first place. Do you skateboard for fun or it is a serious sport to you? Is it for transportation purposes or just once in a while thing? Your answers to these questions will lead you to the type of wheels that your skateboard needs. Sturdy wheels are required for skateboards that used for sports. You may also settle for ordinary wheels if your skateboard is only used for recreational purposes. Skateboards used for transportation purposes may need strong wheels to cover the required miles.

The type of use also determines the size of the skateboard to be used. Smaller wheels enable quick response and navigation of the deck when performing any desired trick, but it has low durability. Larger wheels maintain their speeds for longer, rolls faster on the ground and have longer durability. They are mostly used for transportation purposes and sports. Recreations require smaller wheels.

  • Availability of the Wheels and their parts.

It is exciting to be unique. It feels good to be the only person with a different, cool skateboard from the rest of your friends or your teammates. Uniqueness is important, but do not go for wheels that are rarely available and hard to find in your area. You may find this as a disadvantage in the future when one of your wheels has a problem, and you will be needed to replace it. You may be forced to be out of the game for a while or likely to borrow from friends or relatives as you struggle to look for the replacement of your wheel. This is very discouraging and may be prevented from going for a not unique wheel but also one that can easily be found when problems or defects arise with the old one that you were using.

It is also advisable to go for skateboard wheels that can be quickly repaired in case a part of it fails or does not function as expected. Go for wheels that you can repair yourself or by a known person to save that extra cash that may be needed to look for a professional to repair it. It will also save you time when you repair the wheel yourself.

  • Technology and the capacity of the battery

Before purchasing wheels for your electric skateboards, reflect on the amount of energy or power that your battery stores. Do not go for wheels that are likely to consume up the power of your batteries very quickly leaving you stranded and wasted. If your batteries are big, then they are likely to store power for long so going for bigger wheels will not be discouraged. However, if the capacity of your battery is small, it is advisable to settle for smaller wheels that are compatible with your battery. It is recommended to ride on wheels that are likely to use up only one charge of your battery for long hours so that you do not waste time to charge the batteries all the time. It is vital to note that not only the wheels consume your charge, but also your weight, height and even the activity performed, therefore consider also going for wheels that are compatible with your body size and weight.

  • The Warranty of the wheels.

Skateboards face some challenges like harsh conditions resulting in massive friction, heavyweight than required, and most probably high speed. These and other factors may expose the wheels to constant wear and tear. The materials that are used to make the wheels may also make them break down, i.e., if they are heavy ones. Due to this, go for a company that is offering long lifespan protection of their products as it indicates confidence and trust in the quality of wheels that they provide. Avoid companies offering a short period of their warranties as it proves that they are expecting the wheels to break down soon. Pay close attention to the faults covered by the warranty so that when the wheels experience certain defects, you will know whether to contact the manufacturer or repair it yourself. Read the warranty to be aware of the rights that you have before deciding to purchase from a given company. Not all companies are genuine, and not all wheels are of high quality. Some companies are just out there to make profits at the expense of quality of their products. Choose to buy a wheel that is comfortable and can be customized to meet current trends.

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