How Does an Electric Skateboard Work?

Skateboarding has been around long before it became the exciting sport we know today. Skateboards emerged in the 1950’s when surfers needed something to do while water conditions weren’t good. By the 1960’s, it picked up popularity with the public and skateboarding became all the rage. Over time, skating has continued to grow into the global phenomenon we know it as today. Not only has the sport grown and evolved, but the board itself has evolved from a 2×4 with roller skate wheels strapped to the bottom of it to its most recent form; the electric skateboard.

Whether you’re a hard-core skater, just learning to skate, or looking for a new hobby, odds are you have heard of the electric skateboard. The electric skateboard is the new kid in town that gives you the same thrills with a lot less effort. They are a cool way to get from point A to point B with minimum physical effort while enjoying the feel of the wind in your hair. While the thought is tantalizing, have you ever wondered how the electric skateboard works? Well wonder no more.

Electric skateboards are not a completely new idea. The first electric skateboards surfaced in the seventies. Unlike today’s sleeker and more attractive boards, the seventies boards looked a lot like the traditional ones until you turned them over to reveal the battery and huge electric motor.The electric skateboard functions the same as the traditional skateboard with one exception.In the past, your traditional skateboard required you to push your foot on the ground to propel yourself forward. Talk about being stuck in the stone ages. Who wants to exert all that energy just to have fun? Well, that is no longer the case.

The electric skateboard leaps you into the future and allows you to be the passenger as you comfortably travel up to 25 miles per hour (be sure to wear proper protection). The hand held remote was attached with a wire. Today’s skateboards have wireless models powered by lithium batteries. The type and size of the battery differs by skateboard. The larger batteries can provide top out speeds up to 25 miles per hour and help to increase the traveling range, and most boards have a range of 10 to 12 miles. The lithium battery is connected to the motor with a set of wires. The current from the battery travels through the wires to the motor to set your wheels in motion. You ride the electric skateboard in the same way you ride the regular skateboard. You use the same stance; the only difference is you are not required to use your foot to propel it forward. You will use a wireless hand held remote to move forward, accelerate and stop. This is the perfect way to learn to ride the electric skateboard as you can control the speed until you get used to riding. Like the traditional skateboard, you will use your body weight to turn and carve by leaning into the direction you want to go. One small leap for mankind, one giant leap for skateboards everywhere.

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