Electric Skateboard Tricks


Electric boards are quite fast which means stability is paramount for a rider’s safety. This makes it a suitable skateboard for all beginners to try before they become experienced. Additionally, they are the type of longboards that don’t require any skateboarding skills for one to ride. Unlike traditional boards that are propelled through human force, electric skateboards are powered by themselves. Also, most of them are wireless free remote controlled.

With an electric skateboard, everyone can be a rider, and everyone has the opportunity to be a pro. Technically the more a person rides, the more the chances of acquiring skateboard skills. Electric boards are powerful. They are made of very tough materials .i.e. carbon fiber, maple and bamboo. Made of these materials makes the board stronger or lighter. However, beginners need flexible boards to enable them to gather stability and get control of the board slowly.

Electric skateboards give riders the opportunities to think of different tricks that they can execute. Being different from the regular skateboards, riding an electric skateboard is similar to car driving. One needs to obey all traffic rules and significantly focus while riding on the road. Having an electronic board without trying some tricks can be boring. Well, let’s take a look at the tricks that a rider can do while on an electric skateboard.

Before you think of doing these tricks, you must be an experienced rider at least for some years. Also, you must have the will to learn exclusive challenging tricks. If you are adventurous and ready to incorporate new tricks here is a list of the longboard maneuvers that you can try.

1. Ghostride Kickflip.

This is an excellent trick for longboarding. Executing this trick on traditional skateboards is quite challenging. This is because the board is quite substantial. With the alternative of an electric skateboard, you can do kickflip with very much ease. Steps to follow include,

a) While on motion riding, swiftly hop off.

b) Rapidly kick your electric skateboard by flipping the base with one foot. Ensure you kick it hard enough to flip it all the way around and correctly land on wheels.

c) Promptly fall back on your board and continue riding.

2. Tiger Claw.

This trick involves rotating your electric skateboard. However, few added moves are incorporated to spice up the skill. The move is versatile and can be merged with more elaborate tricks easily. The following are the steps,

a) When riding in moderate motion, carefully step off the board on one foot and use your kicktail to propel the front of your electric skateboard into your hands.

b) Grab the skateboard on the front edge that is near the nose from the opposite side and quickly throws the board under your feet and hops back on. A point to note about this move is that when you throw the board beneath your feet ensure that you have rotated the board a full 18- degrees.

3. Stand up slide.

This is a trick that is majorly practiced when riding down a hill. It’s well executed when you’ve gathered enough momentum instead of frequent carving down the street. Your nose should be pointed forward. Carefully turn the skateboard on its side and glide forward for few seconds and later finish skating normally. Here are the steps,

a) Ride down a hilly place with your electric skateboard.

b) After gaining enough momentum promptly turn your body in such a way that your feet point forward. Also, ensure your skateboard is turned sideways.

c) Switch your body weight on the front leg and swiftly return your board in its normal position.

4. No Comply.

This trick is executed correctly when the skateboard is popped 180 degrees around while maintaining the board under one foot. The move is almost similar to shuvit. The difference is that in this trick you pop and flip the board, turning with it. Steps include a) First begin with one foot in the middle of the board and the other one at the centre of the tail. Then ensure that your foot at the centre is leaning off the edge of the board so that it can be easier to turn the board.

b) Push the tail to pop up your board, ensure you push diagonally. This will make the board turn 180 degrees automatically.

c) Make sure that one foot slides on the ground and the other foot on the board rotating your body 180 degrees with the deck.

5. Shuvit.

There are a variety of tricks attached to this move. They include the pop shuvit and the 360 shuvits. Here are the steps for a basic shuvit,

a) Carefully place either of your foot on the front of your electric skateboard.

b) The other foot put it somewhat more full than intermediate on the deck.

c) Exert pressure on the nose, then push your board out with your back foot. Allow the board to swivel 180 degrees before landing back.

6. Demon Claw.

This is a trick that is quite similar to Tiger Claw. However, the flip involved is different. Other than a 180-degree spin you also flip your electric skateboard while turning it. Here are the steps,

a) Build up momentum while on your skateboard, slowly and carefully slide one foot off the skateboard, and simultaneously put pressure on the deck to pop it up.

b) Comfortably grab the skateboard by its truck and then flip it around whereas swinging the board sideways.

c) Hop back on the skateboard marinating the original position.

7. Flat Top.

This is a straightforward trick to practice. You pop up your board using the kicktail, jump and later spin the board right before landing back. Here are the steps,

a) Get your board rolling.

b) When ready place your either foot far back on the tail, this is to enable you to pop the board up and your foot to slide on the ground.

c) Immediately the skateboard pops up, swiftly jump and place the foot that was at the centre of the board on the ground and then grabs your electric board from the sides and then spins 180 degrees.

8. Cross step.

This a fun trick to perform with your electric skateboard. The move doesn’t require any spinning or flipping of the board. You only need to move up and down your board by moving your feet over the other. Here are the steps,

a) Get your electric board rolling and ensure you stand with one of your legs at the centre and the other at the outer back edge.

b) Slowly move the foot that is at the back and cross it over the foot that is at the centre.

c) After that move the other foot that was placed at the edge of the board.

d) Place back your feet at their original positions and then repeat.

While performing these tricks ensure you are fully aware of your surroundings. Also, make your safety a priority. Always be in a helmet and all proper safety gears that will assure you protection in case of an accident.

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